Sunday, May 10, 2009

News Overload!

I'm an information junkie. IT, economics, politics, general 'news', etc... I'm drawn to it like a drug. Daily I used to visit various web sites like /., The Wallstreet Journal, and Google News in order to get my fix. Then, in order to become more efficient, I started using Google Reader to manage RSS feeds. I thought I had found new nirvana. I could quickly scan, tag, share, and manage hundreds of news stories easily through a single interface. Everything seemed great but...

It is just too much information. Google reader makes it easy to add new RSS feeds from any source. Before long I was seeing hundreds of new stories through the day. The primary problem is not the raw amount of stories though, but the content. So much of it is duplicated from each source.

At this point I have gone full circle. I no longer use Google reader, and now just check a handful of sites daily.